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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Kedah woman surprised by husband with ‘gold bars’ ― finds out it was chicken stock cubes instead

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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 23 ― A Kedah woman may have been disappointed by her husband’s cheeky prank ― but had to laugh when she saw the lighter side of it.

Facebook user Junairah Ab Rahman took the chance to share a snippet of her husband’s witty side where he surprised her with a couple of red boxes, commonly used for storing jewelry.

Junairah who thought that her husband had gifted her gold bars was left stunned after realising the “gold bars” were in fact, chicken stock cubes.

“The wife is completely surprised after receiving red boxes containing gold bars,” she captioned her post.

“This is what happens when the husband understands the wife’s taste and interest completely.

“Thank you, Mr. Husband, I lap you (I love You) tau, very cheeky of you to pull this prank on me.”

Junairah’s post earned over 500 likes and has been shared 1,600 times on Facebook.

Facebook expressed their amusement in the comment section while others jokingly tagged their loved ones in the comment section, offering to buy the same type of “gold bars” for them.

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